Mobile Billboard Trailers

Detroit – Grand Rapids – Lansing – kalamazoo – Flint – Ann Arbor – and most surrounding cities

Targeted Advertising. Anywhere. Anytime.

At APS Mobile Ads we are customer focused and mission oriented.

APS Mobile Ads is your premier Detroit-based, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and nationwide mobile billboardadvertising company. If you’d like to ensure your target audience receives your message, let APS Mobile Ads go to work for you. Conventional advertising will never capture your audience’s attention like our huge moving mobile billboards.

What can we do for you?

APS Mobile Advertising, LLC can run your outdoor advertising campaign from inception to completion, allowing you to be as hands on or off as you would like. We’ll handle graphic/creative design, route/location selection based on target audience, and ad execution and GPS tracking.

Services We Provide

Let APS Mobile Ads run your outdoor advertising campaign. With a typical CPM of <$2.00, you’ll get thousands of impressions for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Billboard Advertising
  • Aerial Advertising
  • Static Billboards
  • Over-the-Road Truck-side Advertising

Mobile Advertising – Targeting by DMA

  • Target geographically (region, state, city, sector, etc.)
  • Target economically (district, sector of a city)
  • Target by areas of interest (site, rally, event, etc.)

Here’s just a few statistics:

  • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads. – American Trucking Association
  • 97% is the recall rate on mobile advertising. – Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s market research July/August 2002
  • 96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. – Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s market research July/August 2002
  • Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard. – Perception Research
  • 91% of target audiences noticed both graphics and text. – American Trucking Association and 3M


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