Answering those who altered the religion of Jesus Christ by by Shaikul-Islam Ibn Taimiyah ; abridged by Ash-Shahhat

By by Shaikul-Islam Ibn Taimiyah ; abridged by Ash-Shahhat Ahmad At-Tahhan ; rendered into English by Bayan Translation Services.

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42 In this respect, we note that the discovery of the text of the Epic of Gilgamesh caused great confusion in the Jewish and Christian circles at that time, for it turned out in the year 1872 that the discovered texts contain an account similar to that of the flood in the book of Genesis (Chapter VI–VIII). DWKÀU u8QPX]DMDQ, (The Strange and Marvelous in the Books of 4XUu­QLF Exegesis, the Exegesis of Ibn Kathir as a Specimen), which explains Mohammad cAbduh’s denial that the 4XUu­Q aims at recording history through its narratives.

Alone. 34 The method of modern research is not satisfied with interpreting history on the basis of its objective, neutral components alone, but, rather, links those components with the universal, and acknowledges that events have a possible transcendent meaning that goes beyond sensual perception. ”35 In modern terms, revelation gives the prophet confidence in himself and in the validity of his message. For, in his confrontation with non-believers, he has nothing but God as his witness that what he receives is sent 34 “Say, It is not for me to change it of my own accord” (Chapter of Jonah 10/15), “This 4XuU­Q could not have been devised by any besides God” (Chapter of Jonah 10/37).

KDGÀMD, who later became his wife, when he was about twenty. He also visited Yemen and the east of the Peninsula and perhaps even 14 All the modern and early biographies of the prophet derive this information from Ibn Sacd’s Tabakat and Ibn Hisham’s 6ÀUD, both of which contain only incomplete accounts that do not meet a historian’s needs. See Abdullah Jnûf, Mohammed before the Mission (submitted for the DEA in the Department of Humanities, Manuba, 1999). ”16 It is quite probable that as a child Mohammed shared with his contemporaries the forms of worship that existed in their environment.

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