An introduction to the chemistry of the silicones by Eugene G. Rochow

By Eugene G. Rochow

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1 '" 1 i v/; i// '',- ''> ; :', ,; IV \< ' /' -. t ' THE ARM . FRONT VIEW tachment to the coracoid process* biceps descend as a tendon to the radius below the elbow* The BONES: The coracoid process is a part of the shoulder blade that extends beyond and above the rim of the cup that holds the head of the arm bone, the humerus* 1. 2. The head of the humerus is rounded and covered with cartilage, it contacts with the glenoid cavity of the shoulder blade. The humerus is one of the bones of the body.

5 As a mechanical device, used at the elbow, it is essentially the property of the machine age. . . . ELBOW A pulley is one of the six mechanical powers. It is used in the construction of the hinge-like movement of the fore- arm* 1 The upper extremity of the elbow as seen from the The inner surface of the coranoid process of the ulna . front. is . curved so as to clasp the pulley-like trochlea of the humerus. 2 The lower extremity of the: humerus is somewhat from each side are the internal and external Projecting condyles* Between the two is the rounded groove that re.

Machines are instruments interposed between the moving power and the resistance. In the human body it is also power and resistance, both flexible and complicated, made up of levers and joints such as, the pivot, the hinge, the ball and socket, as well as a rotating movement, which would be static but for muscular power. The skull, balanced as it is on the atlas, makes the skull a lever of the first order. It is balanced like a pair of scales. The spine or back bone is a chain of joints of remarkable construction, firm yet flexible.

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