Afro-Bets Book of Colors: Meet the Color Family by Margery Brown, Culverson Blair

By Margery Brown, Culverson Blair

Publication by way of Brown, Margery

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I didn’t walk with him because I didn’t want to hear about his weekend with Mary Ann. But for some reason, right when I got to school, the first thing I asked Joey was if he had a fun weekend with Mary Ann. Really, I didn’t ask him. My mouth did. It just sort of started talking before I could stop it and here’s what it said: 55 Mallory: So, how was your weekend with Mary Ann? Joey: Fun. Mallory: What did you do? Joey: We went for pizza, rollerblading, and to an amusement park. Mallory: Is that all?

I even tried 36 singing myself to sleep, but Max came into my room and told me that if I said one more word I’d be sleeping outside (and he didn’t say it very nicely). When he said that, I scooped up Cheeseburger and went upstairs to Mom and Dad’s room and told them I would have to sleep with them tonight. But they said I had to sleep in my own room. So I told them what I’ve been thinking ever since this afternoon. I told them they haven’t been very good parents lately. When I said that, they acted shocked 37 and surprised.

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