Across the Hellespont. A Literary Guide to Turkey by Richard Stoneman

By Richard Stoneman

From Herodotus to Freya Stark, writers were encouraged by means of Turkey, a diversified nation on the crossroads of historical past, for millennia. the following, Richard Stoneman describes in full of life aspect the notable literature they produced. At a time while Turkey’s place at the fringe could be set to alter to a deeper involvement in Europe, the necessity to comprehend the rustic is much more compelling. the diversity of trip writing represented during this e-book exhibits how, whereas political conditions may well switch, the entice of Turkey is still constant.

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Introduction 17 members of one group rather than another—Russian versus non-Russian in Smiley’s case and various combinations of ethnicity, caste membership, as well as religious affiliation in Parasher’s. 64 Since these associations do not necessarily coexist in perfect harmony, they are, as Laski recognized, continuously ‘competing for . . 65 Acts of identification, therefore, frequently provide either a means for pledging or demanding political loyalty or serve as a short-hand explanation for actual behaviour.

66 The tensions between the loyalties demanded by multiple associations, both actual and perceived, are an important element of Rothman’s category of transimperial subjects. But in this context, acts of identification often fulfilled an at times even more important purpose: for a renegade to identify himself or be identified as German or Italian constituted a claim to certain skills and knowledge as well as contacts—skills, knowledge, and contacts which provided livelihoods and on which careers could be built, not only in Ottoman service.

40 Based on an impressive range of Inquisition records from Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Canary Islands, their work is a systematic study of religious conversion and migration in the early modern period. In a similar vein, although on a much smaller scale, Ralf C. 42 Having said this, the geographical focus of the sources used by the Bennassars as well as the biases inherent in them make it difficult to generalize from their findings, a point to which I shall return later in this chapter.

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