Textbook of Electrical Technology: Pt. 2: AC and DC Machines by B.L. Teraja, A.K. Teraja

By B.L. Teraja, A.K. Teraja

A textbook of electric know-how: quantity 2 ac and dc machines elaborately covers the subjects, ac and dc machines, that is part of electric know-how. electric expertise, as a topic, covers a variety of divisions of electric engineering like simple electric engineering, electronics, keep watch over platforms, instrumentation and communique structures. The e-book discusses and explains a variety of theories relating to ac and dc machines. The chapters encompass quite a few routines, examples, and a number of illustrations that relief in realizing the topic greater. This ebook is appropriate for college students, and has been written in basic language. numerous solved examples assist in simplifying the subject material, and the illustrations make it visually extra enticing to scholars. the subjects coated within the ebook diversity from dc turbines and dc cars to alternators and synchronous automobiles. precise significance has been laid on chapters discussing vehicles. the target try part has additionally been rigorously revised to help the readers larger. The twenty third revised variation of a textbook of electric know-how: quantity 2 ac and dc machines was once released by means of s chand publishing in 2006. it really is to be had in paperback. Key gains: this illustrated version provides advanced fabric in an built-in and rational series for b. E. , b. Tech. , and different similar commencement classes.

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I) of Art. 6, where σ is called the conductivity or specific conductance of a conductor. The unit of conductance is siemens (S). Earlier, this unit was called mho. It is seen from the above equation that the conductivity of a material is given by G siemens × l metre σ = G l = = G l siemens/metre 2 A A A metre Hence, the unit of conductivity is siemens/metre (S/m). 9. Effect of Temperature on Resistance The effect of rise in temperature is : (i) to increase the resistance of pure metals. The increase is large and fairly regular for normal ranges of temperature.

20 (b) where points B and D become electrically connected together. RAB = 3 || 6 = 2 Ω and RBC = 4 || 12 = 3 Ω RAC = 2 + 3 = 5 Ω ; I = 15/5 = 3 A Fig. 20 Current through arm AB = 3 × 6/9 = 2 A. The voltage drop over arm AB = 3 × 2 = 6 V. Hence, drop over arm BC = 15 − 6 = 9 V. 75 A. 25 A passes through the switch. As a check, it may be noted that current through AD = 6/6 = 1 A. 25 A coming through the switch. 25 A. 25 A. 30. A 50-ohm resistor is in parallel with 100-ohm resistor. 2 A. 1 amp ? , Nov.

2. 3. 8 mm . 02 μΩ–m. c. supply. Y. Engg. Pune Univ. May 1990) Solution. 8 × 10 m . 4. 5 m long is connected in a parallel with a copper wire 6 m long. When a current of 5 A is passed through the combination, it is found that the current in the aluminium wire is 3 A. The diameter of the aluminium wire is 1 mm. Determine the diameter of the copper wire. 028 μΩ-m. Y. Engg. Pune Univ. May 1991) Solution. Let the subscript 1 represent aluminium and subscript 2 represent copper. l1 l R ρ l a and R2 = ρ2 2 ∴ 2= 2.

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