A companion to the American South by John B Boles

By John B Boles

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A projected second volume will carry the story to and beyond D. Pedro's death in 1574, although a more limited documentary base may well yield less information on the social and economic sides of the colony's history. Lyon (1984) sketches aspects of such a second volume and calls attention to one of the lesser known aspects of the Spanish presence in the South: the town of Santa Elena on Parris Island, SC. Karen Paar also is preparing a history of Santa Elena. The rest of the history of the Spanish settlement, at St Augustine to 1700, is still only partially known.

Wood, Gregory A. Waselkov, and M. ), Powhatan's Mantle: Indians in the Colonial Southeast. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 35±103. Worth, John E. 1995: The Struggle for the Georgia Coast: An Eighteenth-Century Spanish Retrospective on Guale and Mocama. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 75. Worth, John E. 1998: Timucuan Chiefdoms of Spanish Florida, 2 vols. Gainesville: University of Florida Press. Wright, J. Leitch, Jr. 1981: The Only Land They Knew: The Tragic Story of the American Indians in the Old South.

By 1719 that initial alliance had turned to enmity in Europe and on the Gulf Coast. Restored in the 1730s, the alliance (the Family Compact) waned in the 1750s, only to be revived again in 1762 when Spain saw France going down to defeat before the British. Spain's ill-timed and ill-prepared entry into the Seven Years' War 32 PAUL E. HOFFMAN followed, with the consequent loss of all of the South east of the Mississippi River in the treaties of 1763. La Louisiane, thus reduced to roughly the area of the later Louisiana Purchase, was given to a reluctant Spain as France pulled out of North America.

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