A Clash of Empires: Turkey between Russian Bolshevism and by Bulent Gokay

By Bulent Gokay

This booklet bargains with the aftermath of the ""Great Game"" - the protracted fight among Britain and Russia for effect within the heart jap and relevant Asian lands that bordered the increasing Russian empire of the late-19th century. It covers a interval that used to be an important within the glossy political historical past of the total sector from Thrace to the Caucasus, exhibiting how an alliance among Turkish nationalism and Bolshevism pressured Britain to acknowledge that it didn't have the manpower and assets to consolidate the spoils of its victory after international battle I. It additionally presents old heritage to the present geopolitical pursuits of either Turkey and Russia within the war-torn Caucasus.

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11 Page 22 Davis also described specific events, such as this massacre on July 7, 1915, for which there were eyewitness accounts. On Monday many men were arrested both at Harput and Mezreh and put in prison. At daybreak Tuesday morning they were taken out and made to march towards an almost uninhabited mountain. There were about eight hundred in all and they were tied together in groups of fourteen each. That afternoon they arrived in a small Kurdish village where they were kept over night in the mosque and other buildings.

And what had become of the balance? From the most intelligent of those that miraculously reached Aleppo it was learned that in early Spring the men and the boys over 14 years old had been called to the police stations in the province on different mornings stretching over a period of several weeks, and had been sent off in groups of from 1,000 to 2,000 each, tied together with ropes, and that nothing had ever been heard of them thereafter. Their fate has been recorded by more than one eyewitness, so it is needless to dwell thereon here.

Are contemporary representatives of the Republic of Turkey correct when they deny that a genocide occurred? Or is denial by the perpetrator simply the last stage of genocide? One approach to answering these questions is to examine eyewitness testimony that was collected very close to the time of the events and to compare it with the accounts given by Vahram and the other one hundred survivors we interviewed. S. State Department files, including memoranda from various American consuls; second, a blue book of eyewitness accounts presented in 1916 by Viscount Bryce to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in Great Britain; and, third, other reports and firsthand accounts of the genocide, including German sources such as those collected by Dr.

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