A Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth by Gerhard Gehrke

By Gerhard Gehrke

What could you do in case you chanced on a lifeless alien on a lonely road? was once it an twist of fate, sabotage, or homicide? And why is all people blaming Jeff? The extraterrestrials aren’t anticipating solutions. they wish revenge. And Jeff isn’t prepared for company.His merely wish is an outcast mechanic from one other international and a girl who may well do whatever to get off planet, together with promoting out her personal type. Jeff has to unravel why there are such a lot of alien our bodies piling up and who's rather in charge. A technological know-how fiction event novel, A Beginner’s consultant to Invading Earth tells the tale of a reclusive ex-computer programmer who's the unwitting relevant figure of a plot to maintain humanity from ever making first touch.

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CHAPTER 11 OLIOP STOOD HUNCHED OVER a work bench in the Committee building's basement repair shop, a stand with multiple lights shining bright on the task at hand. Several null-space tool boxes hung from a low support beam, the boxes crammed full of every type of tool that the many races of the Galactic Commons knew or admitted to knowing. The pocket dimension portable holes hung lightly on their hooks, giving no indication of the hundreds of pounds of weight that they actually held. Oliop got his from the null-space merchant near his favorite fruit vendor.

Her fingers brushed its surface. She whispered something and closed her eyes. An aroma of lilac wafted forth. She nodded, agreeing with whomever or whatever was on the other end. * * * Jeff checked the rest of the property. He took the truck down each driveway and around each building. He checked the barn and the many sheds and storage units. Back where the school grounds met the main road, he got out to see if anything looked amiss or if anyone else was here. A gang of thieves' oldest trick in the book was to send out a salesman or beggar or a cute girl as a decoy to the front while bandits struck around the back.

The pilot's two ears jerked up in surprise. He shrieked something and waved his arms. The pilot sounded to Jeff like an aggressive chimpanzee about to attack his face. Jeff jumped back and threw up his hands to protect himself. His staple gun went flying. The hairy alien sounded angry, but besides a series of expansive gestures, he didn't move from his spot by the cube's control panel. Jeff relaxed a bit, moved back to the cube's portal. The alien continued his angry noise. Or was it speech? Maybe this was some advanced civilization's version of Laika, the Soviet Union's space dog, the first animal to orbit the Earth.

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