2010: Odyssey Two (Space Odyssey, Book 2) by Arthur C. Clarke

By Arthur C. Clarke

One of the 35 booklet (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the entire Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

In 1968, Arthur C. Clarke's best-selling 2001: an area Odyssey captivated the world—and was once tailored right into a now-classic movie by way of Stanley Kubrick. lovers needed to wait fourteen years for the sequel—but whilst it got here out, it used to be an immediate hit, successful the Hugo Award for top Novel in 1983.

Nine years after the ill-fated Discovery One venture to Jupiter, a joint Soviet-American team travels to the planet to enquire the mysterious monolith orbiting the planet, the reason for the sooner mission's failure—and the disappearance of David Bowman. The workforce comprises Heywood Floyd, the lone survivor from the former challenge, and Dr. Chandra, the writer of HAL.

What they locate is not any lower than an unsettling alien conspiracy—surrounding the evolutionary destiny of indigenous existence kinds on Jupiter's moon Europa, in addition to that of the human species itself. A gripping continuation of the loved Odyssey universe, 2010: Odyssey II is science-fiction storytelling at its most sensible.

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Sloat glanced up from a parts-inventory page, his gray, seamed face rippling like troubled water. Too old to emigrate, Hannibal Sloat, although not a special, was doomed to creep out his remaining life on Earth. The dust, over the years, had eroded him; it had left his features gray, his thoughts gray; it had shrunk him and made his legs spindly and his gait unsteady. He saw the world through glasses literally dense with dust. For some reason Sloat never cleaned his glasses. It was as if he had given up; he had accepted the radioactive dirt and it had begun its job, long ago, of burying him.

Listen," he said earnestly. "If we go all over the building looking we can probably find you things that aren't so tattered. " "I'll do it," the girl said. " He could not believe it. " Again she shuddered nervously, grimacing in awareness of saying something wrong. Isidore said, "I've tried it. Once. After that I just come home and go in my own place and I don't think about the rest. The apartments in which no one lives - hundreds of them and all full of the possessions people had, like family photographs and clothes.

The cat continued to wheeze. "I'll recharge you while we're en route," Isidore decided; he dropped the truck toward the nearest available roof and there, temporarily parked with the motor running, crawled into the back of the truck and opened the plastic dust-proof carrying cage, which, in conjunction with his own white suit and the name on the truck, created a total impression of a true animal vet picking up a true animal. The electric mechanism, within its compellingly authentic style gray pelt, gurgled and blew bubbles, its vid-lenses glassy, its metal jaws locked together.

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